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Our Story

Effective Tech Solutions Ltd was formed to give me the freedom to support clients with "best of breed" technology.  Over the last 20 years of working with all the AV manufacturers in the collaboration space,  from tiny software companies to behemoths like Samsung, one thing has become clear; the AV industry is constantly evolving.

Helping you to keep track of emerging technology and understand both the trends and the pitfalls; ETS works with you to identify your needs, create the design scope, run a tender and then manage the third Party Systems Integration.  Our scope can be as large or as small as you need.  Call today to discuss your project.


System Design

From simply designed Huddle Spaces to large multiroom, multipurpose office spaces; we can help. Call ETS.


Technical assessment of competing responses can be time consuming and identifying potential pitfalls or conflicts in a response can be challenging; we can effectively undertake this process, provide a precis of the pros/cons of each bid with a weighted rating to assist your decision.  Call ETS.

Contractor Liaison

Bezels vs Pitch? IR vs PCAP? "Zoom"ing via "Teams"?  If you sometimes feel that AV is needlessly complicated you are probably right!  ETS offers to act as an independant technical liaison for your project, translating jargon; fact checking variation requests and ensuring your projects are delivered smoothly.  Call ETS.

Our Services

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